Invaluable protection in case you are the focus of an HMRC enquiry

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One of the main things that many people are concerned about when they are the focus of an HMRC investigation or audit is the size of the fees they can face. Luckily many firms provide useful Fee Protection to prevent high, unexpected bills from arriving. At Paifang we recently renewed our own Tax Fee Protection Scheme, ensuring clients can work with the best accountants Taunton has to offer without worrying about surprise bills as a result of HMRC’s enquiry.

The Tax Fee Protection Scheme we offer is provided in partnership with Croner Taxwise, a market leader at providing coverage for this very specialist area. As a result clients can expect comprehensive insurance and an array of other benefits such as zero policy excess and access to a great deal of useful information and advice.

The coverage we offer provides;

– Employment law advice
– Commercial health and safety advice
– Commercial legal advice
– HR advice
– Employment status check
– A cloud based health and safety management system

All of the above are included in the policy so there are no extra fees to worry about. In addition clients get preferential rate for a series of other services including commercial fire risk assessment, employment documentation critique, and a commercial health and safety check.

One thing to be aware of is that HMRC are being far more active in their pursuit of businesses and individuals who commit tax fraud. Armed with cutting edge sophisticated software they can compare data very quickly and determine if an enquiry needs to be made. As a result they are launching more and more investigations and the chance of being the focus of one is increasing.

With the above in mind it is a wise decision to have Tax Fee Protection in place. The fees for the coverage are modest and policies can cover up to £100,000 of fees resulting from an HMRC enquiry. You also get professional representation for the whole duration of the investigation.

If you would like to take advantage of the scheme and the array of benefits it offers please get in touch. When you deal with us you get the advantage of working with the best accountants Taunton has to offer as well as the extensive experience and specialist knowledge of Croner Taxwise.