Moving from sole trader to limited company

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Did you know that many of the most well known businesses around today started off life with the founder registering as a sole trader? We tend to think that some really big companies just came into being at the size they are now, but this is seldom the case. It would be usual for an entrepreneur to start off as a sole trader in order to get the business going, as this involves the least amount of registration and red tape.

When success comes it is, however, impractical to remain operating in this manner. Growing to the point where you can start to take on staff necessitates the move to another form of Company, as does the need to register and protect your business name. In most cases the best progression step to take is to change from a sole trader to a limited company.

As you would expect with our economy structured to both encourage and support business success, the process to change from a sole trader to a limited company is inexpensive and relatively straightforward. This is true, at the least, in a broad overview. A straightforward process does not mean that the required formal paperwork is simple to complete. The amount that needs to be completed to make the change can seem somewhat daunting and quite overbearing to an individual.

It would be fair to say that the time spent completing the paperwork for the change would be better used in growing and expanding the business. We understand this, and HMRC do too – which is why they are happy to accept the documentation being completed and submitted on your behalf by a trusted organisation.

It is in accordance with the above that we are delighted to be able to provide this much valued service. Our accountants can assist businesses based throughout Taunton in making the change and plan their future as a limited company. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service every time.

Whilst we take pride in all of our work, it is always a distinct honour and a pleasure to enable a sole trader to change into a limited company. This is because such a move is prompted by business success, with the change being necessitated by growth.

As what we do is driven by the wish to see businesses in Taunton reach their full potential and achieve success, we truly are delighted to be able to offer this service. If you would like advice from established, highly experienced accountants you can contact us.