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One of the most significant characteristics of the way in which UK businesses are owned, operated and run is the commitment to transparency. Details are recorded and kept as a matter of public record. The availability of this information has, traditionally, been a core foundation of making British businesses amongst the most trusted around the world. In the present day, however, this approach can be quite detrimental in terms of allowing operations.

In years gone by information such as the details of a Company Director being a matter of public record meant something quite different. Whilst the information was relatively easy to access for those who had either a wish or need to do so, it was not readily available to all and sundry. In this era of digital communication, however, this is not the case. The name, address and other personal details can now be accessed by virtually anyone online – and this happens with no way of knowing who has looked at what information, or for what purpose.

There are many valid – and perfectly legal – reasons why a Company Director would not wish to have this information open to absolutely anyone that wished to inspect such records. Privacy in this respect can, for just one example, be vital to the safety and security of both the business and those working for it. In such instances, our Nominee Services can provide the perfect privacy solution.

Our company can be appointed in a number of nominee roles, in particular that of director. We perform this function in an entirely passive capacity, meaning we are not involved in your actual business. The appointment of our company to the role does, however, provide a very important buffer between your business and anyone trying to access information or records without making the purpose for doing so clear and known to you.

Nominee services are increasingly being viewed as essential for UK businesses in this day and age. The lack of control over who can view Company Director details online is a concern shared by many. Whilst few, if any, would seek to change the established standards of disclosure, many would prefer to know that only those with a valid reason for doing so are accessing records. Using us for nominee services helps you have this in place for your business.

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