How Offshore Companies Utilization Benefits Your Business

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Let’s be honest about it – when you mention setting up an offshore company to anyone, the first thoughts they are likely to have are that it’s due to some sort of fraud or an attempt at tax avoidance. This is the rather unfortunate legacy from a small number of high profile cases from many years ago. The truth is that there are numerous benefits to offshore companies utilization, with all of them being perfectly legal.

For businesses in the UK a key benefit is confidentiality. There are often instances where protecting the names and addresses of partners and directors of a company is crucial in meeting security concerns. The open nature of business registrations in the UK does not, regrettably, allow for this.

With all information being easy to access by anyone with internet access, protecting privacy with a UK registered business is difficult if not impossible. We understand just how important it is that security is not compromised, with our services carried out to give you the confidentiality you both need and want.

Directly following on from the above is the fact that offshore companies utilization has, time and again, seen businesses achieve significant reductions in respect of administration and initial capital requirements. Both of these are factors which weigh heavily on UK business ventures, with the inflexibility of red tape requirements negatively impacting the chances of success before any work has had chance to commence.

Whilst there are many other reasons to consider offshore companies utilization for your business these two concerns are normally true across all who have made use of our services. They are, as we trust you will agree, perfectly understandable reasons to which all of us can to some extent relate. As you would no doubt expect from one of the leading accountants Taunton is served by, we can present you with a comprehensive – and successful – service in respect of acquiring and conducting business in different jurisdictions.

Over the years we have carried out complete services in the following territories – British Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Anguilla, Belize, Seychelles, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. If you know which jurisdiction would suit your requirements best, or want the benefit of our guidance and advice, we’re here to help you.