Appoint UK tax advisors to manage the impact of Budget changes

There has been a great deal of focus on how the 2017 Spring Budget impacts the self-employed and SME businesses. We have looked at some of the key points on the news section of our site, and so wouldn’t want to repeat too many of them again here. What we believe to be interesting from our perspective as one of the leading accountants Taunton has is a look at just why these groups are so important to the national economic picture. Continue Reading

Be honest if you miss the HMRC deadline

It’s another year and another HMRC tax return deadline has come and gone. The deadline for online Self Assessment returns passed on January 31 2017. Whilst we, as the leading accountants in Taunton, are always fully prepared for these important dates there can be no denying that it’s a very busy day for the vast majority of us. Continue Reading

Highlighting the benefits of a UK Holding Company

The nature and characteristics of our economic world are presently very different from how it all was just a few years ago. There are many examples which highlight this. Few, however, illustrate it all quite to the extent of how beneficial it is to establish a UK based holding company when engaging in cross border business. Continue Reading

Moving from sole trader to limited company

Did you know that many of the most well known businesses around today started off life with the founder registering as a sole trader? We tend to think that some really big companies just came into being at the size they are now, but this is seldom the case. It would be usual for an entrepreneur to start off as a sole trader in order to get the business going, as this involves the least amount of registration and red tape. Continue Reading

Delivering efficient international tax planning services

International mobility has become increasingly commonplace for both businesses and individuals. Through a combination of advanced communication means, trade agreements and ease of travel, it’s not so much the case that global business is easier as it is seemingly wholeheartedly encouraged. The ease with which international employment and business transactions can be engaged in can make you all but forget one constant – different tax rules and regulations apply within different borders. With our international tax planning services working for you this constant does not have to be seen as a barrier. Continue Reading

How Offshore Companies Utilization Benefits Your Business

Let’s be honest about it – when you mention setting up an offshore company to anyone, the first thoughts they are likely to have are that it’s due to some sort of fraud or an attempt at tax avoidance. This is the rather unfortunate legacy from a small number of high profile cases from many years ago. The truth is that there are numerous benefits to offshore companies utilization, with all of them being perfectly legal. Continue Reading

Nominee Services Provide Your Business With Privacy

One of the most significant characteristics of the way in which UK businesses are owned, operated and run is the commitment to transparency. Details are recorded and kept as a matter of public record. The availability of this information has, traditionally, been a core foundation of making British businesses amongst the most trusted around the world. In the present day, however, this approach can be quite detrimental in terms of allowing operations. Continue Reading

Understanding Employer Obligations In Workplace Pension Auto Enrolment

It would be fair to say that the legislation relating to workplace pensions is something known universally amongst UK businesses. In our experience, however, the exact implications and requirements of certain aspects – in particular what is meant by the term “auto enrolment” – has not been conveyed in a way that allows for direct or easy understanding. Our services in respect of this give business owners a clearer understanding of the requirements as well as delivering the assurance of all obligations being met. Continue Reading

Tax Migration Services For Cross Border Business Moves

It would be fair to say that 2016 has, so far, delivered a unique number of changes and circumstances which have an impact on the way businesses operate in the UK. One of the most significant consequences of this has been an expected rise in the number of companies opting to move either to or from the country over the next twelve to eighteen months. There are many matters which must be addressed by a business doing this. Our leading services are of considerable benefit to you in this respect. Continue Reading